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  • 23 ½" grey outside extrusion (2)
  • Complete footrest with tether (2)
  • Bolt ¼-20x3/8" truss phil (4)
  • brass nuts (4)
  • 2 - 10 ft. stainless steel cable
  • 4 - crimps
  • 4 - heat shrink
    (Silicone not included)

Find the appropriate placement of footrest for your size by sitting in the boat and marking where your feet are. Mark the length and copy to other side. Measure back about 6" from each mark and mark again. This puts your foot in the middle of the extrusion and gives you better adjustability. If you are particularly short or tall you may want to adjust placement if other people are to use your kayak. It is recommended that you now take your extrusion piece (23.5") and test to make sure it doesn't run into the bow bulkhead, before drilling any holes (see diagram)

Once distance has been determined and tested, transfer mark to outside of hull for a easier access and mark. The extrusion should sit about 2" down from bottom of the seam line for the appropriate positioning of feet. This height depends a bit on your footsize and depth of the kayak's hull so sit in the boat and check. Tape extrusion to outside of boat to hold in place and using 1/4' bit, drill out (2) holes centered in the holes in the extrusion. (If holes are already present in your boat and you are doing a retrofit, drill new holes in extrusion and not in hull.)

Place ¼-20x3/8" truss phil bolts in holes from the outside and on the inside of the boat use silicone around bolts for a better water seal. Place extrusion, with brass nuts placed in holes, over the bolt ends on the inside of the boat and tighten the nuts down firmly.

(NOTE: If you do not have a rudder, attach the loop end of the footrest strap under the stern brass nut to hold footrest securely for bracing.)

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