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Rescue Strap Kit
Universal Type


  • Straps (2)
  • Bolt 8-32x5/8" truss phil (4)
  • Nut 8-32 nylock (4)
  • ¼" washer (4)
  • Rubber washer (4)

On Nimbus™ kayaks, universal rescue straps will fit in the pre-designed flush recesses. For all other boats, place straps parallel to seams, just behind cockpit rim, within easy reach from the cockpit area. (Note: Coloured webbing & grab barrels should be on the forward part of the straps on both sides.) Drill 3/16" holes (4) using holes in straps as pilots, making sure straps are fully extended beforehand. Put in bolts, use rubber washers for a better water seal and tighten down.
The new updated Solander, Seafarer and NJAK now use the universal rescue straps.

Special Type Rescue Straps

(used for Older Solander Plus, Seafarer, NJAK. Still used on the Horizon, Cygnet, Kanaka, Hyak and Skana)


  • Sized square rescue strap (1)
  • P-clips ¼" (8)
  • Bolt 8-32x1/2" truss phil (8)
  • Nut 8-32 nylock (8)
  • ¼" washers (8)

This rescue strap is designed with 2 short sides (with coloured webbing and barrels) and 2 long sides (one side longer than the other). The short sides go parallel with the sides of the boat and the longest side is placed over the widest part of the lid or boat. After adjusting the strap so it is square on the lid or boat, slide (2) P-clips onto each "D" ring (see picture), making sure that the P-clip is facing up. Hold firmly and mark holes and drill, using a 3/16" bit. Install hardware using rubber washers for a better seal.

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