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Rudder unit (1)
Small plastic washer (1)
Large plastic washer (1)
Bolt ¼-20x1 ½" trus phil (1)
Cleaver stopper (with hardware) after factory install (1)
Stainless steel rudder cable (12 ft.) (2)
Cable crimps (4)
Heat shrink (4)
Bolt 8-32x1/2" trus phil (8)
Nut 8-32 nylock (8)
Nut 10-24 nylock (2)
Bolt 10-24x3/4" trus phil(2)
¼" washers (2)
Cable tubing (9 ft.) (2)
¼" P-clips (8)
Footrest units (2)
Bolt ¼-20x3/8" truss (4)
Brass nuts (4) Pulley unit with hardware (1)

First, install footrests & extrusion. Find appropriate placement of footrest for your size. Standard measurements are taken from inside edge on the centre back of cockpit rim to the top of outside seam. (Note: Standard measurements for Solander, Solander Plus & Horizon = 90 cm; Seafarer & Seafarer K-2, except front of K2, = 100 cm).

Once appropriate distance is found, mark the distance and tape extrusion to outside of boat in front of the mark made and about 2" down from the seam line.

Then drill (2) ¼" holes about 2-3" from each end of extrusion through extrusion and boat.

NOTE: If holes are already present, use those old holes and copy distance onto extrusion.

Place ¼-20x1/2" truss phil boltsfrom outside in, then seal the bolts from the inside with silicone. Then, to fit the brass nut into the extrusion, you must redrill the ¼" holes which you drilled earlier to 13/32" size hole.

Place extrusion with pointed end to the bow of the boat and up, then attach brass nuts and slide footrest into extrusion.


2nd Install Tubing & Cables:


The tubing should travel along the inside of the boat, starting about 6" past your seat, through any bulkhead arrangement with ¼" hole (note: any hole through bulkheads or deck should be sealed with silicone) and should come out of the deck about 1" on each side of seams and about 24" (2 feet) from the stern end of boat.

To hold down tubing, use ¼" P-clips (black) from the inside of boat.

First drill 3/16" hole in (6) even spots along tubing path. Place 8-32x5/8" truss phil bolts through. Snap P-clips onto tubing and put onto 8-32x5/8" truss phil bolts. Tighten with 8-32 nylock nuts.

To hold down tubing coming out of deck, use (2) P-clips tightened down with 8-32x5/8" truss phil bolts and nylock nuts. Trim to appropriate size 1-2" from P-clips.

Slide cable through tubing and connect one end to the footrest strap by putting on a heat shrink piece first and looping a cable through one side of the cable crimp and footrest strap and back through the other side of the cable crimp. Then squeeze the cable crimp with pliers, slide heat shrink over cable crimp and heat.

Repeat for the other side. (Note: the exit end of the cable should be left for now.)


To install rudder:

If there isn't already a notch cut out of the stern of the boat for the rudder to sit on, one must be cut.

Take rudder in flip up position and place it against the end of the boat to find the exact depth of your cut. Then cut out the notch.

Measure about 1" from the end of the notch to stern of boat and drill a 3/16" hole about 1 ½" to 2" deep. Then pound in brass insert (1/4") (NOTE: small claws should face up).

From the hole, measure exactly one inch towards stern of boat. Drill out a ½" hole on a very slight angle (leaning towards boat).

NOTE: Be very careful not to drill through end of boat--the hole needs to be the same size as the pintle pin on the rudder. Then pound the plastic bushing stock into the ½" hole and cut it even to the boat.

NOTE: You may want to seal the open notch with 5-minute epoxy, but it is not necessary. However, if you do, be sure not to fill either hole with the epoxy.

Place rudder into hole and use the small plastic/large plastic washer and the bolt to hold rudder on (for boats that weren't factory installed). Flip the rudder up onto the deck to adjust the cleaver stopper placement. The cleaver stopper should be about 1-2" from the very end of the blade. Drill (2) 3/16" holes and attach stopper.

Now to adjust appropriate length of cable: Leaving cleaver stopper up in bracing position, go to where you attached cable to footrest webbing. Extend footrest webbing to its maximum length--push the footrest to the farthest spot without falling out of the extrusion (forward), then attach vise grips onto cable just before the beginning of the tubing. This will stop the cable from moving when you connect the other end to the rudder and pull cable tight!

Connect to rudder by putting the 10-24x1" pan phil bolt and 10-24 nylock nut with washer into rudder holes and wrap cable around bolts and tighten the same way you connected it to the webbing.

NOTE: Make sure to pull the cable slack before tightening.

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