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Stern Shockcord Kit


  • Eyelets (6)
  • Bolt 8-32x1/2" oval phil (12)
  • Nut8-32 nylock (12)
  • Snap hooks (2)
  • ¼" shockcord (20 ft.) (1)


Stern shockcord is generally used to hold spare paddles on the back deck for convenient access. It is recommended that eyelets are placed 2-3" above the seam line and the distance between eyelets depends on the particular boat, but make sure it doesn't interfere with anything important. The stern shockcord pattern for Nimbus kayaks is as follows:

First tie shockcord to one snap and snap the hook into (C), then with loose end start down to (A) to (B) to (C) to (D) to (E) to (F) to (G) to (H) to (I) to (J) to (K) to (L) and tie shockcord to 2nd snap hook and snap it in (B), and , creating a cross configuration.

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