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Towline Kit
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  • 3/16" rope (20 ft.) (1)
  • Snap hooks (2)
  • Eyelets (2)
  • Bolt 8-32x5/8" truss phil (4)
  • Nut 8-32 nylock (4)

Place eyelets in appropriate places and install using 3/16" drill bit to drill holes. Attach with nuts and bolts and tighten. Clip a snap hook onto each eyelet. Attach rope to one snaphook using the hangman knot or any other adjustable knot. Run rope from that snap hook to U-bolt and through it; then to the other snap hook (run through large round hole) and back to U-bolt, and attach to the U-bolt using a bowline knot.

Bowline knot

Hangman knot

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