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Length Beam Depth Weight (lbs.) Cockpit size
16' 6" 23.75" 13.75" 49 Glass
42 Kevlar®
31.5" x 15.5"
Storage Volume
Total volume (litres) Bow Hatch Cockpit Stern Hatch
332 72 170 90

Originally designed at the request of our Japanese customers for a more initially stable, moderate-sized kayak to accommodate beginners and small paddlers, the NJAK has become popular with paddlers of all skill levels. Outfitters have found that this kayak fits the size and paddling ability of their clients and the comfortable seating draws customers back for repeat trips. NJAK has a bit more initial stability than our Horizon and, because of the increase in volume of the chines in the middle section of the kayak, it sits a bit higher out of the water, making it more manoeuvrable, even though it has the same amount of rocker as the Horizon.