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April 20, 2007

A couple of pictures from the Left Coast Velomiobile Gathering.


Stopped at the coffee shop in Morro Bay.

On the way back from Morro Bay with sand dunes in the bakground.

While at the Gathering I had a good look at a Quest. Criag's machine is vey nice and quick too. The lower profile really comes into it own on rolling hills where he can use the momentum to carry up the next one. It does have a noticeable speed advantage over the Aurora at over 45 kph. I think it geared a little higher as I spun out and Criag came cruising by still accelerating a couple of times. Also took a look at the drive train in the Quest and saw some of the same issues I have with the Aurora.

I have added a chain idler and tensioner to the the rear chain on the Aurora. Still working on how to do it best. While the prevoius setup worked you could very easily have the rear chain too tight as when the suspension is loaded it tends to tighten the rear chain slightly. It is tempting to have the chain a bit loose but then the risk is that it can come off. I have had it come off a couple of times in about 5000 km of riding and have had it adjusted too tight a couple of times. When it is too tight it feels like pedaling in cement.

Have almost completed installing the headlights. There is now a clear window in the nose which the headight sits behind. I have formed a couple of pieces of lexan to fill in the holes in the nose. Just moving the velomobile around in the shop I managed to scratch up one of the clear windows for the lights. So have decided to make them easliy removeable such that they can be left off for better lighting or more ventilation. Still need to make a new mould for forming the covers and the mounting bracket for holding the lights in place.


Worked out the gearing I have on the first Aurora, The front chain ring has 22, 32, and 42 cog sprockets. The Dual Drive has a 26 tooth sprocket mounted on it. The rear axle has a 22 tooth cog on it. The gear inhes work out as follows:

  22 32 42 22 32 42 22 32 42
11 31.6 45.9 60.3 43.3 62.9 82.6 58.9 85.6 112.3
12 27.0 39.4 51.7 37.0 53.9 70.8 50.4 73.4 96.3
14 23.7 34.5 42.2 32.5 47.2 62.0 44.1 64.2 84.3
16 21.0 30.7 40.2 28.8 42.0 55.1 39.2 57.1 74.9
18 18.1 26.2 35.3 24.8 36.0 47.2 33.6 48.9 64.2
21 15.8 23.0 30.21 21.6 31.5 41.3 29.4 42.8 56.2
24 13.6 19.7 25.8 18.5 27.0 35.4 25.3 36.7 48.1
32 11.8 17.2 22.6 16.3 23.6 31.0 22.1 32.1 42.1

For some of the steeper bits of the hill on the way home I end up using the mid range on the dual drive and the large cog on the derailleur resulting in 16.3". I have only lowest gear three times in 5000 kms of riding. Very useful when you need it.