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December 2008

The small rear fender that is attached to the rear swing arm. It closes off the top the the rear fender.

The rear fender and the wheel well cover awaiting installation.

Ther rear fender in place with the inner fender visible. Also visible are the rear tensioning strapes that add some stiffness to the shell for going over bumps.

A photo of the rear cargo net. I have been using the previous version of this in my Borealis and find it very useful. This version has more depth around the rear fender so it will hold more. We are looking into making it out of a lighter fabric as this material, which is used in our kayaks seats, is far tougher than needed.

The wheel cover in place and the snaps that hold it in position. We tried various systems for holding it in place but the snaps are the simplest. It is easy to remove for more ventilation when you want it. Luckily, we had the tool for installing the snaps and a good quantity of snaps from a project we did years ago.

Last Friday my yellow Borealis left the shop for its new home in Oregon. Rob was riding it back and hoping to be back at work on Monday. The first day was 190 km in 7 hours, the second 199 km in 8 hours and the third day 168 km in 7 hours. Now that I no longer have a Borealis to use I am building myself a new one with a slightly experimental kevlar laminate. This will by the tenth Borealis built. The next day Aurora # 8 left for Springfield, Oregon.