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Steve's Velomobile Project

January 30 Update

A picture my Dad took of the cover on with the hole cut in the front visor and the side panel removed.

The picture was taken after riding for about an 3/4 of an hour in the rain. A bit of water blew in through the hole when above 20 km/hour. At speeds slower than this the bit that blows in falls down and lands on the door just in front of the lip at the front of the head opening. Some water dripped in with the side panels removed. I was only slightly damp around the shoulders and managed to keep my glasses from fogging up. After visting my parents who suggest I leave the velomobile and pick it up another less wet day I rode back. It rained harder and was cooler which got me thinking about what to try next. I noticed that if I held my hand up at the front of the head opening just below sight level it blocked almost all the the rain blowing in. I will make up a removeable foam part to try this. I have replaced the side panels and cutoff the fiberglass strut just behind the mirror. Also in the works is a foam cover for riding without the canopy on.