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January 2009

We now have new headlights for our velomobiles. The change was forced on us as our previous supplier is no longer in business. This is unfortunate as our previous source for headlights was only a 30 minute ride away and a small business like ours. I am very impressed with the performance of the Busch & Muller IXION IQ Speed headlights. While they are rather expensive they are better than similiar products we have been able to compare them too. The reason is the reflector focuses the beam to where you need it for road riding. For more information on these visit,

Here is a picture of the first set being installed in a yellow Borealis. We had to make a special mount to lower the mounting bar to the right level. It can still be made a bit smaller (lighter) but I want to test it out before getting carried away. I thought of bonding the mounting bar to the shell itself but this is probably a heavier solution and there would most likely be some print through on the outside of the shell.