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July 15, 2007

Just finished rotating the rear tires. Here is a picture of the wear.

As the rear wheels are canted in, the wear is mostly off to one side. So far have about 6000 km on them and should be able to get a couple thousand more before they need replacing. The slightly improved suspension on more recent Auroras has the rear wheels almost vertical so the wear will be more even in the middle of the tire. In comparison the front tire looks new with very little wear.

Had my second flat the other day the result of not having enough pressure in the tire and a pothole I know about but did not miss. There is a corner just before a set of railway tracks on the way to work which I ride through a bit faster than the cars as they slow for the corner and the bump at the railway tracks. I was passed by a panel van just before the corner, he slowed a lot for the corner so rather than braking I just moved beside him on the shoulder just coasting to slow down as the shoulder ends at the tracks. The hitting the pothole with the rear wheel made a lot of noise and slowed me considerably. Almost immediately I could hear the air leaking out. Luckly it was a nice morning so changing the tube was not to unpleasant. A few daysflater I lost one of my wheel covers. I had not pressed it onto to the rim hard enough to have the velcro hold it in place properly. Only about 40% of the rim and cover have velcro so I could also have not aligned them properly. I am a bit suprised that this hasn't happened before but the good news is that I found the cover beside the road a few days latter. I must have passed it three or four times and just not seen it.