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July-August 2008

Here a fun picture of the Borealis towing one of our kayaks. I have only tried it in the parking lot so far. It needs a proper hitch to attach the kayak to the back of the shell. On the back bottom corner of the Borealis you can see a trailer hitch for a bike trailer. I have used it a few times to tow my dog to and from work. He likes riding in the trailer.

First Production Borealis

The bottom half of the shell parts are sitting on the assembly jig ready for the back section to be bolted to the front sections. In the picture you can see the access hole/possible vent in the front for access to the headlights. Also visible is the return in the rear section through which the rear fender and wheel pass.


Here is a shot of the rear fender before the latest modification. You can see the small cutout in the fender to fit into the suspension swing arm. The next version will have more shape in the mould so this cutout is closed. We have made a few fenders already but so far all of them make a bit of noise at times. The latest version is almost what it needs to be. Just adding a bit more kevlar to one side of the fender should add enough stiffness to make it noise free. The challenge is to add the least amount of weight to get the result required.