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October 2008

Photo of the new rear fender in the first production Borealis. I would recommend a shaped bag for the very back end as reaching all the way to the end is a bit of a stretch.

A couple of pictures of the first production one in the parking lot.

The next one being assembled with a couple of Borealis and Auroras.

Parts awaiting assembly

Picture of the new rear fender installed, you can also see the aluminium bracing bar and stabilizing straps in place. At the bottom of the picture the tubes the shock cord runs through are visible. The shock cord retracts the cord wich holds the door in the open position when opened. We inadverently tested the door flying open when I lend the velomobile to a friend who in his excitement forgot to latch the front of the door. It flew open at about 45 kph down a hill and survived quite nicely. It acted as a fairly effective brake.