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September 2008

Have now started on the third production Borealis. The first one is awaiting the installation of the lights so we can test ride it. Some little details are being worked out as we build these. One of these details was a part we had to throw away as a result of removing the bag a bit early to trim the part. Unfortunately if you break the seal before the part is adequately cured it will expand from the release of pressure, pulling air into the laminate. A bit more attention to tempature and catalyst levels has corrected this.

Here is another one of those details, a cloth shelf in the back of the velomobile so you can just throw light stuff in.

Here is one more detail, a place to put small odds and ends you might want to get at while riding. A simple, easy to make foam part that just glues in with contact cement. I'll try it out for a while and see how usefull it really is.

I have installed a set of straps inside the shell which help quieten it down a bit. This setup should get a good test this weekend as I am participating in the 24th BC Lung Association Bike Trek for Life & Breath. This is a 200 km ride--100km each day--which has, since 1984, raised over four million dollars. It is a very well organized event with very few recumbents, let alone velomobiles. It should be a fun weekend of answering a lot of questions as most cyclists don't really understand the efficiency gains of streamlining. You get a lot of odd looks when you go by. Should you like to support this event you can donate at and then click on Sponser a Particapant on the right side of the opening page, then click of the Sponsor Particpant button and type in Steve Schleicher.