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April - May 2008

Unloading the Borealis at the Spezi bike show. This is the end of a few months of frantic work to get it to the show in time. It left my shop about two weeks before the show and was on a airplane to Britian that afternoon. The box arrived in London 14 hours after leaving us and then took almost a week to get to ICE in Cornwall. They assembled the shell onto a QNT, designed the grapics and had them installed the next day. The velomobile was then packaged up and shipped to the show. It arrived a day and a bit before the show.


Chris, Steve and Kirk unwrapping the Borealis

Touchdown on the ground

Busy at the show

The show was a very busy time. I hardly had time to look at all the other neat recumbents at the show. The Borealis was well received with lots of interest. Some folks made some astute observations which we will incorporate into the Borealis. I have started a list of those interested in the Borealis. The list insures a production slot and is non obligatory until we actually start production and take deposits. We hope to start production at the end of June. To get on the list e-mail us at

After the show we visited the ICE factory in Cornwall. There we discussed some changes and improvements to make the shell fit on the QNT better. The biggest change is to make the wheel wells larger to accommodate larger tires and allow the use of disk brakes. The front attachment point for the shell is also being changed to allow for more ground clearance. The rear fender will also be modified to accept a larger tire size and allow the drive train to be more enclosed. The very back of the shell where the rear wheel sticks through will also chnage a bit.