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Steve's Velomobile Project

August 13 Update

Now have a model name for the velomobile "Aurora". Names are always a problem so recylcing the name of an old slalom kayak we no longer make solves this issue. Besides I like the name.

Have some basic dimensions to report lenght is 280 cm (9 feet 2. 1/4 inches) and width is 76 cm(29.92 inches). The width of the wheel base will be a bit larger than the 76 cm as when the velo is weighted the wheels cant out a bit as the spring is loaded up. I am hoping to be able to fit through a standard door but will only really know by actually trying it when its finished.

Have now made the bottom half of the next velomobile. Rather than bagging the part we infused it. The end result is about the same, the advantage being that we included a core in the laminate and were able to build a return flange for fastening the top and bottom together in one step. The set up to do this seems to take forever so going back to bagging the part may be an option. The part is about the same weight as as the partially cored fiberglass one but quite a bit stiffer especially in the fairly flat sides. The same laminate in the top half should prevent the slight distortions that are showing up in velo # 3. Just adding a bit of extra reinforcing in these areas will cure it also. The unfortunate part of the new laminate is that the materials are three to four times as expensive as those of a glass part. The top of this velomobile may be made in glass or glass/kevlar laminate until i am sure the door issue is completely resolved.

The next step is to machine the composite tubes for the rear axles bearings, the tube for the front fork and the tube for the steering handle bars. Then the rear axle/wheel assemblies can be made. The tubes for the front fork and steering tube can be installed in the beam. The beam should then be able to be bonded to the bottom half of the shell and we will soon have a velo that can be tried out, less the top half as there is still quite a bit of work to do to make the door and door opening moulds which are need before the top can be made.