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Q:What is it, is it a bicycle?

A:Its a velomobile which is a two or three wheeled bicycle propelled primairly by human power with a cover that streamlines the bicycle or trike, adds weather protection, some crash protection and makes the bicycle more useful. For a more complete description see(add link)


Q:How fast does it go?

A: My normal answer to this question is that it depends on how steep the hill is. After that I add that I chicken out on hills at about 80kph. On nice flat terrain I can cruise at about 30 kph if I am feeling good and 25 if I am not.


Q: Do you have a motor in it?

A: No, the one I am riding now does not have a motor in it. It is possible to add an electric motor and still have it qualify as a bicycle as long as it complies with the local regulation for this. The normal limits are maximium speed with motor assist and size of motor. I have tried it with a couple different electric assist motors and found it increases the utility of the velomobile but somewhat lessens the cycling experience. The electric assist option cerrtainly would help folks who do not cycle regularly and it makes hills much more managable.


Q: What does it weigh?

A:The Aurora weighs about 75 pounds, we are still refining the laminate but this weigh seems about where we will end at.


:Q:How does the weight affect peformance?

A: On level or rolling terrain the Aurora is probably a bit faster than a road bike. However it is slower climbing hills due mostly to the added weight. One important advantage of the trike is that speed uphill is not limited by balance so you can shift down to a low gear and just spin your way to the top. The added weight is also noticeable when accelarating from a stop. Given the right kind of rolling terrain you can use the extra speed the streamlining and added weight adds to help in creating the next hill. This is good fun when it happens. Almost as good is a slight downhill gradient where you can easily zip along at 50-60 kph.