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Steve's Velomobile Project

End of February Results and Pictures

Afterr changing the mould yet one more time I have finally have had the chance to ride the monocoque version of the velomobile. This experience was short lived as we soon developed a mechanical problem that will result is a completely new set of rear axles. The good news is that the suspension works but I can see how it could be improved a bit. So I am back to riding my Vision for a while.

Have also come up with a rain fairing that I would like to try out in the rain. It has been exceptionally dry here in the Pacific Nortwest for the last three weeks so I have no experience with it yet. Here is a picture of the changes and the rain/cold weather fairing with the turn signals/running lights. Tim will be adding front light, brake light signal, emergency flashers, and horn to the system when he gets back.

Front turn signals and close up where you can see the LEDs Should have some more pictures when it is rideable again.