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How to assemble the Borealis

Assembling the Borealis

The first parts to assemble are the two front bottom pieces.It is helpfull to have some vise grips or other quick acting clamps avaialble to help with assembly. Here is a picture of the first two parts going together. Note that the bolts have the heads on the left side and the nuts on the right side.

Mount the bar that hold the headlight


The next step is to add the back bottom section to the front section. They are held together with 10-24 truss head bolts. The bolt goes in with the washer and the nylock nut on the inside.

The step after this is to bolt the front attachment bracket in place.

Wrap the provided pieces of velcro around the crossmember, at 10cm and 19cm from the center of the frame on the right side and 8.5 cm and 19 cm on the left side. After this is done place the trike inside the shell. You will need to remove the front wheels to do this. Slide the crossmember under the front attachment bracket. The rack crosstree should fit it the holes on the rear attachment bracket. You may have to adjust the trike lenght to made it fit properly. Now attach the trike to the front attachment bracket with the hose clamps.

Now attach the inner rear fender with zip ties.

Before attaching the rear fender install the strap assembly to the swing arm. First roll up the Velrco that normally holds the swing arm up when you lift the back on the trike. If you don't plan on taking the trike out of the shell in the future you can remove this whole part. Now thread the red strap in place as per picture.

the whole harness installed;

Here are the steps to tread the straps onto the rack crosstree.


The rear fender attaches with three bolts that go inside the rear wheel well opening and screw into plastic blocks bonded to the shell. The fender also attaches at the rear attachment braces with the bolt having the head on the inside of the rear attachement brace. If the nut is on the inside there will not be adequate clearance for the chain or the swing arm.

Now bolt the back and front top sections on. The rear section has a fabirc storage shelf and stiffening bar that is bolted in place with some straps. The bolt first goes through the flanges, then the strap, then the aluminium bar and finally the nut. Strap placement in the rear section is as follows