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Steve's Velomobile Project

Changes are Happening, January 7, 2005

Took the grinder to the plug today. Ground off a lot of the fill on the tail on the velomobile. The back end is now about the height of the top of the rear light. The shape at the back has not looked right to me yet so this is another attempt to make it acceptable. The easy solution is to add 50 cm or so to the tail but I am not willing to make the body any longer as it just fits in a standard pick up truck now. The extra lenght would also be an issue for parking and storage. Started to reshape the area just above the where your shoulders would contact the fairing. Added about an 2.5 cm more height here. Have moved the left side mirror back about 12 cm and reduced the height of the mirror fairing. I will finish up shaping the one side and then start on matching the other which is aways the more difficult side. Hopefully these changes will result in a more balanced and somewhat more aerodymanic shape.