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Steve's Velomobile Project

January 28, 2007

Just finished the last of the moulds needed to start production on the Aurora. Have now started building the next one. We will have an Aurora at the bike show in Vancouver February 17-18. Hopefully it will be the one I am starting now.


Febraury 2, 2007

Bernhard now as a blog on the Yellow Aurora we finished a while ago, One of the vidoes is quite assumng if you watch the reaction of people to the velomobile.


February 24, 2007

A couple of pictures of the seat and the seat pad. I am now using the Ventisit pad for which Bluevelo is the North American distributor. I have been using it for over a month now and find that it provides almost as much ventilation on a hard shell seat as a mesh seat does. With some holes cut in the hard shell there may not be much to choose between the two kinds of seats. The version of the pad being used is the comfort version which provides just the right amount of cushioning. I can highly recommend to pad.

Seat pad in place with the removable section of the top visible. Making the small section and fitting it took a couple of hours which can be saved if its added to the rear section. I have decided to eliminate the section and just extend the rear section mould so the top will only be in two sections. This is easier to make than the original single part or the three parts.

Hard shell seat with hook velcro to hold the pad in place. The hook is oriented in one direction and holds the pad better one one way that the other. I reversed one of the strips and discovered this.

The seat support pads. The angle of the seat can be adjusted by changing out the pads which are held in place by velcro. The seat is hinged at the front to allow easy access to the back compartment.