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Steve's Velomobile Project

Update July 2 2004

Here are a couple of pictures of the modifications to the original fairing.

Front view with a lot more sanding and filling needed but the basic shape is there. The fairing is now longer as it will enclose the front wheel and the body is narrower so it just fits the shoulders. The bump out is at the back is about the size of the fenders but a bit norrower allowing enough room for the arms and a convenient place to rest them on when riding. The tunnel down the front of the body will have an openable flap for ventilation.

Rear view with the stern shape and the wheel wells still being developed. The stern will be more rounded than shown in the picture. The flat at the back will rest on the ground when the fairing is opened(see picture below titled "getting in").

The shape is now almost about how it is going to be for the first velomobile fairing that will fit on our Kettwiesel trike. The previous attempt had some major shortcomings. The next step is to finish developing the shape and then make it smooth and polish it up. Once this is done then release agent is applied to the plug and a mould is build off of this shape. When the mould is done the parts can be made.