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Steve's Velomobile Project

March 6 Update

Just a couple of pictures showing the change to the back of the top of the velomobile shell. Had a bit of trouble releasing the streamlining bump so will add an air inlet to the bump to help release it. The other change is that I filled in some of the trough at the front of the velomobile. Will have pictures of this when the next velomobile is finished. The top mould is now ready to be used. Hoping to get the top for the next one started this week.

Have thermoformed the first reflector for the new LED lights and now working on making the moulds for the rear signal lights and the brake light. Adding a red flashing light to the streamlining bump which will be located above the brake light. Reasoning behind this is that motorists are now somewhat trained to expect a bicycle when they see the flashing light so we will make it simple for them to see us.

Noticed today that cars were lined up behind me for a bit on the way up my hill when there was oncoming traffic. If I was on my other bike they just squeeze by even with oncoming traffic. A real benefit of having a velomobile. Another big plus is that I am now dog proof. The velomobile seems to command much more respect from dogs. It even scares some of them off.