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Steve's Velomobile Project
November update

We are now very close to having finalized the basic design of our velomobile. I am hoping that we will have a velomobile that is well suited to my daily comute, is reasonably visible in traffic and can carry some gear for running errands or on trips.

The next step is to incorporate the frame into the fairing turning the velomobile fairing into a monocoque. We will also try to add suspension to the back wheels utilizing the shell as part of the composite spring mechanism. Hopefull it will be fairly straightfoward to have both rear wheels as drive wheels. It is possible to add an optional fairing that would most likely bolt onto the door which would completely enclose the head. This may not be necessary for our local riding conditions but would be useful for places where it gets colder than here. It might be useful here on those rainy and cold days in winter.