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Steve's Velomobile Project

Update October 3, 2004

Here are three pictures of the changes from version 2 to version 3. The top of the velomobile is now made in a one piece mould as there is draft everywhere in the mould so it can be demoulded without taking the mould apart as previously. The bottom part of the velomobile now has a frp beam built into it. We are presently building a mould to fabricate this part separate from the hull section as building it in one piece was a bit complex for our process. It took too long and was a bit risky if you developed a leak in the bag as it would be difficult to fix with all the bag winkles in the bag. This will also allow us to try some different laminates and cores without building the whole hull part. It may well be that this is a good part to use carbon fibre in. The weight saving may be substantial over using just glass.