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Steve's Velomobile Project

Update September 22, 2004

The major change is in how one gets in and out of the velomobile. There is now a gull wing style door which allows much easier entry and exit. The back end of the velomobile is extended slightly for more storage area, there should now be about 50-60 liters of storage space behind the seat(this is not shown in the photos below as version two has been modified by adding the door). The other change is the addition of bumps in fairing to accomodate mirrors. In the picture below you can see the addition of a fairing behind the head which will hide the roll bar and also be a lid for access into the compartment behind the seat.

Side view with the door opening visible. The front edge of the door can be made a bit shorter by moving the cut line back about four inches. Bernard's first ride on a trike.

Side view with door open

Mirror cut out can be seen. The door shape will change a bit to make it smaller. The fit will also improve when all the parts come from the same mould.