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Steve's Velomobile Project

September 27 Update

Sneak preview "Aurora" velomobile

Side view of velomobile #3 and #4

Number three is the green one which I have been riding for a while. Number four is starting to look like it will be done soon. I can now wheel it around the shop but can not quite ride it yet.

As you can see from the picture above we have now made both the bottom and top shells of the velomobile. The beam has been bonded into the bottom shell and bulkheads installed at the front and back of the beam. The rear bulkhead stiffens the shell where the rear axles are bonded and also acts as the rear support for the seat. The front fork is now installed along with the new axles at the back. The tubes holding the bearings for the rear axles are composite with a carbon fiber disk brake mounts bonded on. Cambie Cycles did a very nice job with the axles and wheels. They are considerably nicer than the set up in the previous velomobile. This is due mainly to the better bearings used. Hope to get the bottom shell into them this week or next to have the rest of the drivetrain installed. Still need to install the rear suspension for which most of the parts are already fabricated.

Presently working on the mould to make the door. It is now waxed and almost ready for gel coat. Have had to simplify the door mould as it was just too difficult to do it as originally planned. The finished result should be close to original plan but it will take a bit longer to trim to exact size. After the door is done only the lights and seat remain to be done.


August 27 Update

We now have the finished the insert for the top mould that creates the flange for the door to seal against and a vertical flange that will stiffen the edge of the door opening. We can now proceed with making the top half of the velomobile shell. Below is a picture of the insert.

After the top half of the shell is made I can start fitting the door plug laminate into the opening. Once the fitting is done I will add a flange to the door plug and be ready to make the mould for the door. The end is in sight for the major composite parts. Still need to work on the seat and the rear bulkhead that suppports the seat. I have been riding my Vision a lot lately and really like the bottom of the seat, can sit in it for hours and hours the only complaint is the back could have a bit more shape in it. So the present thinking on the seat is to use the shell I have developed but incorporate a sling stlye bottom to the seat with a bit of suspension designed into it if possible.