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For longer life and less damage, it's better to purchase a manufactured roof rack that cradles the shape of the boat. These do tend to be expensive and there are some homemade designs that are just as good. But something is better than nothing!

Plastic and glass laminate boats fare better (but are heavier to lift onto the racks) than Kevlar® boats when cinched down too tight. People don't realize that Kevlar® material is much stronger and more flexible than the gelcoat bonded to it, so it's advisable to tighten down, but don't overdo it, or cracks in the gelcoat may occur.

Always tie a bow line from the boat to your vehicle's bumper (don't forget to tie both ends). A lot of damage can be done when a kayak flies off the roof and ends up on the road-Oops! Funny--No! Costly--Yes!

If you are concerned with rope or straps chafing the deck from the vibration of the vehicle, use soft webbing straps or some padding under the ropes. The chafing causes worn stripes across your kayak, which are unsightly but only cosmetic.

Rules to Live By: Always make sure to tie up loose rope ends and check the job before driving off.

Dealers for roof racks:
Comox Valley

Western Canoeing and Kayaking

Rack Attack

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