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Hatch Kits
Bow Hatch Kits


  • ABS Bow Lid (1)
  • ABS Bow Rim (1)
  • Neoprene cover (1)
  • ¾" straps (2)
  • Bolt ¼-20x5/8" truss phil (4)
  • Nut ¼-20 nylock (4)
  • ¼" washer (4)
  • Bolt 8-32x1/2" truss phil (20)
  • Nut 8-32 nylock (20)
  • 3/16" shockcord tether (1)
    (silicone not included)

Place ABS rim onto deck, where you want to cut hole. Trace inside edge of rim onto deck as a template. Cut hole. Place rim back onto deck, clamp and drill about 20 - 3/16" holes about 1" to 1.5" apart. Take rim off and sand deck lightly around the whole circle for about ½ inch. Run a small bead of silicone sealant around the whole drilled area, making sure all holes are covered; then place rim back on. Install each 8-32x1/2" truss phil bolt, one at a time and tighten with an 8-32 nylock nut using a 9mm wrench. Clean excess silicone and allow to dry.

Place lid on rim (drill 3/16" hole in lid and use 3/16" shockcord to tether lid to best area on deck). Begin to install straps. Lay straps on lid to find appropriate fitting using recessed areas already pressed on lids. Make sure straps are parallel (measure side to side), drill out ¼" holes about 1" - 1.5" above the seam line and in line with the corresponding recesses of the lid.

To install straps, lay strap (1) (starting with the wide side of the lid), centring the snap buckle and pulling out about 2" of excess webbing. Fold over both ends of webbing so you have doubled up on the webbing and in line over the ¼" holds, mark and punch out holes in webbing (for best results, use hot pencil soldering iron). Install with bolts and pull tight end of excess webbing. Lay second strap in line with other one, again centring snap buckle. Pull out an equal amount of webbing matching it exactly to the first one, and again folding the ends by doubling overabout 1". Line up holes and mark. Punch out holes and bolt tight.

Stern Hatch Kit


  • ABS stern rim (1)
  • ABS stern lid (1)
  • Neoprene cover (1)
  • Bolt 8-32x1/2" truss phil (30)
  • But 8-32 nylock (30)
  • 3/16" tether (length???) (1)

Same as above, but recommended use with rescue strap kit or stern shockcord kit and straps to hold lid down.

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