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Length Beam Depth Weight (lbs.) Cockpit size
16' 10" 21" 13" 45 Glass
42 Kevlar®
27.5" x
Storage Volume
Total volume (litres) Bow Hatch Cockpit Stern Hatch
255 57 155 43

 Introduced in October 1997, the Kap Farvel was designed in response to requests from experienced paddlers who wanted a rudderless kayak in the Greenland style, but reflecting Steve Schleicher's ideas on design, comfort and performance. It was conceived as a day paddling boat with the capacity to be used on day-weekend trips (light packers may stretch trip length a bit longer). The design is quite stable in spite of its narrow hull because the thin ends and rocker increase the draft and effectively lower the paddler's centre of gravity. It can be easily controlled with paddle strokes and boat lean. The cockpit is snug fitting and the deck fittings and hatches are recessed. Kap Farvel will reward skilled paddlers with its performance; other paddlers will also enjoy paddling it.