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Length Beam Depth Weight (lbs.) Cockpit size
17' 6" 22" 14" 49 Glass 45Kevlar® 31.5" x 15.5"
Storage Volume
Total volume (litres) Bow Hatch Cockpit Stern Hatch
334 **** **** **** (no bulkheads)

The Sprint evolved from a wild water race kayak. It was made a bit longer to glide better and a bit wider for more stability. Iit was designed about 20 years ago to compete in ocean races and is still our fastest kayak. A long hull with very little rocker helps the Sprint to track very well; use of the rudder in following seas results in exception surfing abilty even on very small waves. It is not well suited as your primary touring kayak but makes a great work out boat or one for those who want to race in the fast sea kayak category.

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