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Length Beam Depth Weight (lbs.) Cockpit size
17' 6.5" 21.75" 15"' 49 Glass
42 Kevlar®
30.75" x 15.5"
Storage Volume
Total volume (litres) Bow Hatch Cockpit Stern Hatch
330 75 165 90

Zoom is a fast, sporty kayak for the seasoned paddler with a very narrow entry, round mid section, slightly harder chine at the stern and a beam of 21.75", all helping minimize surface area.The Zoom is fast. It is remarkably stable due in part to its considerable rocker for manoeuvrability and improved handling in following seas. With a relatively large volume capacity 330 litres, the Zoom can store most gear for longer excursions. The cockpit has been redesigned so it can be customized to fit most paddlers. Try our new CNC-cut foam knee pads to customize the fit. The Zoom incorporates the features found in our other kayaks, including flush deck fittings and outfitting, a sporty yet functional kayak.